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外研版八年级英语上册Module 4 Planes讲义和练*(无答案)_图文


外研版八年级英语上册 Module 4 Planes 讲义和练*(无答案)

Module 4 Planes, ships and trains




1.形容词、副词的最高级构成有两种方式,单音节词和部分双音节词加后缀 est ,多音节和部分双音节形容词和

副词前加 most,具体见下表:





单音节和少 一般在词尾加 est

old,quick,new,fast,hard Oldest,quickest,newest,fastest,hardest

数双音节词 以不发音的字母 e 结尾的 Nice,fine,wide,close,large Nicest,finest,widest,closet,largest

形容词/副词,直接加 st

以“辅音字母+y”结尾的 Early,friendly,happy ,busy Earliest ,friendliest,happiest,busiest ,easie

形容词/副词,改 y 变 i,再加 ,easy



以重读闭音节结尾且末尾 Fit ,big ,hot ,thin,fat

fittest, biggest , hottest , thinnest ,fattest



字母,然后再加 est

大 部 分 双 音 在单词前面加 most

Popular , difficult , Most popular , most difficult , most


expensive , quickly , expensive , most quickly , most






Good/well Bad/ill,badly Many/much Little Far

Best Worst Most Least Farthest/furthest

3. 形容级、副词最高级的用法 形容词最高级前面要加定冠词 the,副词最高级前面的 the 可以省略。在含有最高级的句子中,常有一个 in/of 短 语来表示比较范围,如:in my class, in China, of the students, of all 等。 Zhang Hua is the tallest of the three . He works hardest in his class .

4. 形容词、副词最高级的特殊用法 (1)表示“最……之一”的句式,用“one of +the +形容词最高级+名词复数”如: Han Mei is one of the best students in our class . (2)当最高级前有物主代词或名词所有格时,不加定冠词 the。如: Monday is my busiest day . (3)当形容词的最高级修饰名词时,其前还可以加序数词。如: The Yangtze River is the third longest river in the word . (4)“特殊疑问词+be+the+最高级,A, B or C?”,用于三者或三者以上的比较。如: Which country is the largest, China, Australia or Canada? (5)“特殊疑问词+助动词+主语+实义动词+最高级,A, B or C?”,用于三者或三者以上的比较。如: Which season do you like best, spring, summer or autumn?
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外研版八年级英语上册 Module 4 Planes 讲义和练*(无答案)
(6)形容词最高级或副词的最高级做表语时,其前的定冠词 the 可以省略。如: Who runs fastest in your class ?
5. 最高级和比较级之间的转换 “比较级+than any other+单数可数名词”可表示最高级的含义。如: Jack is stronger than any other boy in our class. =Jack is the strongest boy in our class.杰克是我们班最强壮的男孩。 【注意】形容词最高级前必须加定冠词 the,但若有序数词、物主代词或名词所有格修饰时,则不必再加 the。如: ①This is the most difficult question. (正) 这是最困难的问题。 This is most difficult question. (误) ②Jack is Jim’s best friend .(正) Jack 是 Jim 的最好的朋友。 Jack is Tim’s the best friend . (误)
语法专练: 一、用所给词的适当形式填空 1.Dongting Lake is the second ________(large)fresh water lake in China . 2.We’re always ________(busy)on weekdays and Monday is my ________(busy)day . 3.Takig trains is _________(quick)than taking buses and taking planes is _______(quick). 4.Yuan Longping is one of the _______(great )people that have ever lived , I think . 5.Cells are the _________(small)and most basic units of living matter .
二、单项填空 1.(2018 上海中考)The bridge between the two island is _______ one in Shanghai . A. long B. longer C. longest D. the longest 2.(2018 北京中考)Tony is ______ of the three boys ,but he is the tallest . A. young B. younger C. youngest D. the youngest 3.(2018 滨州中考)-Home is _______place wherever you go. -Yes .There’s no place like home . A. warm B. warmer C. warmest D. the warmest 4.(2018 临沂中考)Of all the blue holes in the world .Sansha Youngle Blue Hole in the south China Sea is now _______.It is 300.89 meters deep . A. deeper B. very deep C. as deep as D. the deepest 5.(2018 凉山中考)Of all the subjects ,chemistry seems to be ______ for me . A. difficult B. too difficult C. more difficult D. the most difficult
三、根据汉语意思完成句子。 1.喜马拉雅山是世界上最高的山。 Himalaya is _______ _________ mountain in the world . 2.在面积方面加拿大是世界第二大国。 Canada is ________ ___________ ________ country in the world in area . 3.玲玲的家离学校最*。 Lingling’s home is _______ _________ __________ school . 4.托尼住得离学校最远。 Tony lives _______ _________ __________ school . 5.乘坐飞机最快,但贵很多。 It’s _______ ________ to take a plane , but it’s a lot expensive .
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外研版八年级英语上册 Module 4 Planes 讲义和练*(无答案)


1. What happened? 发生了什么?

Happen 是不及物动词,意为“发生”。用法见下表:




Sth+happen+地点/时间 某地/某时发生了某事

What happened last night?

Sth+happen to +sb

某人出了某事(常指不好的事情) A car accident happened to him.

Sb+happen+to do sth


I happened to meet her in the street .

【注意】happen 通常指偶然事件的“发生”,其主语不能用表示人的词,而通常由 accident 或 it, what, this, that, something 等充当。如果表示事先安排或有准备的事件的发生,则用 take place。 Happen 为短暂性动词,不能与表示一段时间的状语连用。 【中考链接】根据汉语提示完成句子 1.(2018 连云港中考)-Have you met Luke recently ? -Yes , I _________________(碰巧看见他)in the science museum yesterday afternoon .

2. But nobody was late ,except me .

except 介词: 除……之外

except 表示从所提到的人或事物中除去,即从整体中除去一部分。该词和 but 用法相似。如:

I don’t want anything except this one.除了这个,我什么都不想要。

【辨析】except, except for, besides 与 but





如:Nobody was late except Mike.除了迈克之外,没有人迟到。

except for 意为“除……之外”,说明了整体的情况之后,对细节加以纠正,前后是不同类事物。

如:His composition is very good except for a few grammar mistakes.除了几处语法错误




如:I like history besides English.除了英语之外,我还喜欢历史。


意为“除……之外”,侧重整体,常用在 nothing, nobody 等否定词之后。

如:Everyone was there but him.除他之外,大家都在那儿。

【短语】except for 还表示“要不是”

We would go for a picnic except for the bad weather .要不是这糟糕的天气,我们就去野餐了。

【中考链接】(2019 淮安模拟)-The Spring Festival is coming .All the workers went home yesterday _________

Mr .Green .Do you know why he didn’t go home ?

-Sure .Because he was on duty .

A. except B. besides C. except for

3. Maybe I should go to school by taxi.或许我应该坐出租车去学校。 【点拨】(1)maybe 是副词,意为“也许;大概;或许”,与 perhaps, probably 的意思相同。 【辨析】maybe 与 may be






是副词,意为“也许;或许”,常放在句首 Maybe you put the pen in your bag . 大概你把钢笔放在包里了。

may be

为“情态动词+be 动词”结构,意为“可能 He may be a soldier .



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外研版八年级英语上册 Module 4 Planes 讲义和练*(无答案)
(2)by taxi 意为“坐出租车”,是“by+交通工具”的结构,用作方式状语。 可以和 take a taxi 进行替换。 He goes to school by taxi = He takes a taxi to school . 【中考链接】(2018 青岛中考)More and more people in Qingdao go to work _____ subway now . A. with B. on C. in D. by
4.That’s a good choice , but it’s a bit dangerous . Choice 做可数名词,意为“选择” 【考点拓展】choice 的动词形式为 choose,意为选择,选择做某事是 choose to do sth 固定搭配: Make a choice 做出选择 Have no choice but to do sth 除了做某事别无选择 【中考链接】(2018 无锡中考)When you have the _______ (选择)of being right of being kind ,choose kind.
5. He lives farthest from school , so he takes the underground . far 副词表示“远,遥远”,形容词“远的,遥远的” 有关 far 的常用搭配: (1)be far from 意为“距离……远”。如: Juliet’s home is quite far from her school. 朱丽叶的家距离她的学校非常远。 (2)live far from 意为“住得离……远”。如: Jerry doesn’t live far from his company. 杰瑞住得离他的公司不远。 (3)how far 意为“多远”,用来对距离进行提问。
【延伸】far 的比较级 farther further Far 的最高级 farthest furthest 【中考链接】(2019 营口期末) -Whose home is ______ from school ,Betty’s or Tony’s ? -Betty’s , I think . A. far B. father C. farthest D. the farthest
6. Her home is the closest to school ,so she walks . close adj. *的;接*的 adv. 接*地 【点拨】close 作形容词时,指“(空间或时间)*的;亲密的;势均力敌的”;作副词时,意为“接*地;靠* 地;紧密地”。 【延伸】close to 意为“靠*;接*”,指在空间或时间上“接*”。此外,它还可表示“几乎;差不多”。如:She is close to tears. 她几乎要落泪了。 be close to 离……* ,其同义词是 near ,反义词组为 be far from be the closest to 离……最* 【中考链接】(2018 深圳中考) -Where is Shenzhen Concert Hall ? How can we get there ? -It is close to the bookshop .(同义句替换) A. behind B. opposite C. near
7. the same as 与……一样 【点拨】the same as 意为“与……一样”,其反义短语为 be different from,意为“与……不同”。
8. I do not take the bus to school because it is usually very crowded . Crowded 做形容词,意为“拥挤的”
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外研版八年级英语上册 Module 4 Planes 讲义和练*(无答案)
【考点拓展】be crowded with 意为“挤满了……” The ticket office is always crowded with people . 例:(2019 温州五校期中联考)Many people drive their cars to travel on National Day , so it’s always _____on the road . A. natural B. crowded C. popular D. safe

9 But most of my classmates ride bikes... 但是我大部分的同学都骑自行车…… 【辨析】most 与 most of most 后直接加名词;most of 后加带有修饰词(定冠词、物主代词等)的可数名词复数或直接加代词。如: most students 大部分学生 most of the students 大部分学生 most of us 我们当中的大多数

Unit 2 What is the best way to travel? 【课文原文】1. I am planning to travel from London to Amsterdam. plan 作动词时,意为“计划;打算”。plan to do sth.意为“计划/打算做某事”。 plan 作名词时,意为“计划”。make a plan for...意为“为……制定计划”。 【注意】plan 的过去式和过去分词都要双写词尾的 n,再加-ed,即 planned。 例:I plan ________Hong Kong this winter vacation .What about you ? -I can’t decide where ______.
A. to visit , to go B. visit ,go C. visiting ,going D. to visit , going

【课文原文】2. How long does the journey take and what is the best way to travel?

【点拨】how long 意为“多长时间”,用来对时间段进行提问

【辨析】how long, how soon 与 how often




how long 意为“多久;多长时间”,主要是对一段 —How long do you stay in Nanning ev-ery

时间进行提问,答语通常是“(for)...days/ year?

weeks/months/years”等时间段,可用于各 —For three months


how soon 意为“多久”,常用在一般将来时态中, —How soon can you finish the work?


—In half an hour.

how often 意为“多久一次”,用来提问频率,答语 —How often do you see a film? 通常是 always, usually, often, so-metimes, —Once a month. once/twice a day/month/year 等
例:(2018 乐山中考)-_______ do you spend on WeChat every day ,Lily ? -About one and a half hours . A. How long B. How much C. How soon

journey 名词: 旅行;旅程

【点拨】journey 是名词,意为“旅行;旅程”。如:

We enjoyed ourselves during the long railway journey .在长途火车旅途中我们过得很愉快。

【辨析】journey, travel 与 trip,tour




journey 意为“旅程”,指从一地到另一地的旅行,尤指长途的陆地旅行 It’s a long train journey.


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travel trip tour

外研版八年级英语上册 Module 4 Planes 讲义和练*(无答案)

意为“旅行;旅游;游历”,是旅行的总称。表示旅行的路途远, She loves travel.

时间长。其复数形式为 travels,意为“(出国)旅游;旅行” 她喜欢旅行。

意为“旅行”,指短途旅行,强调在路上所花的时间和所走的路 They will make a trip in a car.




The tour in Europe will be

interesting .周游欧洲将会有有趣

【考前预测】根据汉语意思完成句子 进行一次长途旅行要花费人们很长时间 It took people a long time to _______________________.

【课文原文】3.Book you ticket before your hotel . Book 的用法: 做动词,意为“预定”, book 的第三人称单数形式是 books,过去式是 booked。 book 作名词时,意为“书”,其复数形式是 books 【中考链接】(2019 安徽中考)Hello ,Beijing Hotel ,can I help you ? -Yes , I’d like to _______ a single room for two nights . A. enter B. move C. book D. provide

【课文原文】4. And it takes you about twelve hours to get there . It takes sb some time to do sth .表示“做某事花费了某人多长的时间” 【考前预测】(2019 呼和浩*谀㊣t took her much time ______ English fluently after class . A. practise speaking B. to practise to speak C. practise to speak D. to practise speaking
【课文原文】5.However , it will not cost as much as going by train . (1)however 做副词,意为“可是,不过,然而”放在句首、句中、句末 He was tired after the match .However , he was quite proud as a member. 赛后他很累,然而,作为比赛一员,他相当自豪。 (2)however 还可以作连词连接句中,意为“无论如何,不管怎样” In one’s own home ,one can act however one wishes . 一个人在自己家里,可以爱怎么做就怎么做。 【考前预测】(2019 南京期末)I had much fun watching the match ._________, I was not lucky enough to take a photo with my hero . A. However B. And C. So D. Or
Cost 的用法: cost v. 价钱为;花费 n. 价钱;成本;代价 (1)cost 作动词时,意为“价钱为;(使)花费(金钱、费用)”。主语是物,固定搭配为: Sth costs/cost (sb) money 某物花费某人多少钱 如: A rose costs two dollars .一支玫瑰花价值两美元。 (2)cost 作名词时,意为“价钱;成本;代价”。如: The cost of the computer is ¥2,000. 那台电脑的价格是 2 000 元。
【中考链接】(2018 新疆中考)-Wow ,your sweater is very beautiful !How much is it? 6 / 10

外研版八年级英语上册 Module 4 Planes 讲义和练*(无答案)
-Thank you . It ______ me 30 dollars . A. spend B. paid C. cost D. take

【课文原文】6 ...but you may have to wait for hours at the airport because of bad weather.


【点拨】(1)have to 意为“必须;不得不”,后接动词原形,其第三人称单数形式为 has to,过去式为 had to,其

各种句式变化借助于助动词 do, does 或 did 完成。

(2)because of 意为“因为”,其后跟名词、代词或动名词。如:

He didn’t come yesterday because of his illness. 因为生病他昨天没来。

【辨析】because of 与 because



because of





①Because of his illness, the boy did not go to school.


②He didn’t attend the meeting because he had too much work to do.


【中考链接】(2018 齐齐哈尔中考)-________ finish my work now ?

-No ,you ________ .You can do it later .

A. May ,needn’t B. Must , don’t have to C. Can ,couldn’t

模块专练:unit 1 练*:
一.单项选择 1. I saw the girl crying ,________? A. What happen to her B. What happened to her C. What happens to her D. What happens to she 2.-Alice ,would you like to go hiking with us ? -What a pity ! I am free every day _______ today . A. for B. except C. besides C. among 3. I usually ride ________ bike to school .But this morning . I went to school by _____ bus . A. a ,the B. the ,a C. /, a D. a ,/ 4.Lily lives ______ from school than Linda . A. far B. farther C. farthest D. the farthest 5.Tianjin is one of ______ cities in China . A. big B. bigger C. the biggest D. the bigger 6.How do you go to school ? -On foot .Our school is ______ my house . A. different from B. far away from C. close to 7.______ is it from the Children’s Palace to Nanjing South Railway Station ,Tom? -About 10 minute’s ride by bus . A. How soon B. How long C. How far D. How much 8. I don’t really care if my friends are the same ______ me or different______ me . A, as ,as B. from ,from C. as ,from D. from ,as 9.Linda lives close _____ a supermarket and she often goes there and does some shopping .
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外研版八年级英语上册 Module 4 Planes 讲义和练*(无答案)
A. to B. from C. with D. at 10.—Do you know the Yellow River ? -Yes , I do . It is ________ longest river in China . A. two B. the two C. second D. the second
二、根据单词的适当形式填空 1.She doesn’t play as ________ (good ) as her sister . 2.-What _________(happen) to you ? - I hurt my arm when I was running . 3.Does Gold Theatre have__________(comfortable) seats of the five in your city ? 4.Remember _________(bring ) your homework tomorrow . 5.Swimming in the rivers is _______(exciting) sport , but it’s also _______(dangerous) sport of the four sports .
三、 句型转化 1. I go to school by bus .(对画线部分提问) ________ ________ you go to school? 2.They take the plane to Hongkong .(改为同义句) They go to Hongkong ________ ________. 3.His home is close to mine. His home is ________ ________ mine. 4.谁住的离学校最远? Who lives the ________ ________ our school ? 5.杰克怎样到学校的? How ________ Jack get ________ ________ ? 6.他家离超市最*。 His home is ________ ________ ________ the supermarket . 7.昨天晚上发生了什么事? ________ ________ last night ? 8.他们决定乘地铁去火车站。 They decided to ________ ________ ________ to the railway station . 9.格林先生在一家医院工作,他总是很忙碌。 Mr Green works in a hospital and he is busy ________ ___________ ________ . 10.这是最舒服的方式,但是也是最贵的。 It’s the most comfortable way ,but it’s also the ________ ________.
四、根据句意和首字母提示写出所缺的单词 1.The last bus has already gone . I’m afraid we have no c_______ but to take a taxi. 2.The hall is c________ now in my school and there is no seat left . 3.Li Hua and I are in the same class , so we are c________. 4.He lives the farthest from the company , so he takes the u__________. 5.-What h_______ to the man over there ? -He fell down and hurt his legs .
Unit2 练*: 一、单项选择 1.We only planned ______ the play for an hour , but in the end ,we stayed for three hours . A. watch B. watches C. to watch D. watched
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外研版八年级英语上册 Module 4 Planes 讲义和练*(无答案)
2.-_________ do the students in your school do outdoor activities every day ? -At least an hour . A. How often B. How long C.How much D. How far 3.-______ do you volunteer in Old People’s Home ? -Once a week .We hope to help the old more . A. How soon B.How many C. How often D. How long 4.He lives a hard life .________, he feels very happy . A. However B.So C. But D. Because 5.That one mistake almost ______ him his life . A. took B. paid C. cost D. spent 6.You’d better _____ more time talking with your parents so that they can understand you better . A. spend B. take C. cost D. pay 7.Miss Brown tells us to remember that ________ careful we are ,________ mistakes we will make . A. the more ,the fewer B. the fewer , the more C. the fewer ,the more D. the more ,the less 8.When we got to the top ,we couldn’t see anything below _____ the bad weather . A. because B. because of C. so D. though 9. -________ do you have a meeting ?-Once a week . A. How far B. How long C. How soon D.How often 10.Alice does her homework as _____ as Peter . A. carefully B. more careful C. careful 11.Tony is _____ of the three boys , but he is the tallest . A. young B. younger C. youngest D. the youngest 12.Cola is unhealthy ._______ ,many children still like drinking it . A. But B. However C. Such as D. So 13.It takes me half an hour ______ playing the piano .How about you ? -I usually spend 20 minutes ______it . A. practicing ,on B.to practice ,in C. to practice ,on 二、用所给词的适当形式填空 1.It took him two hours _________(get )there . 2.Is taking a bus the best way ________(travel) to Qingdao ? 3.She plans _______(run )around the park every morning . 4.John jumps the second __________(far)in his class . 5.The __________(relaxed ) you are , the _______(well ) you will do . 三、根据汉语意思完成句子 1.它是最快也是第二便宜的旅游方式。 It is the _______ and the _______ _______ way to travel . 2.上海是世界上最大的城市之一。 Shanghai is _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ in the world . 3.除了等下一班火车,我别无选择。 I had _______ _______ _______ _______ wait for the next train . 4.因为糟糕的天气,我们没有去公园。 We didn’t go to the park _______ _______ the bad weather . 5.你每天步行上学花多长时间? _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ you to go to school _______ _______every day ? 四、句型转换。 1.The journey takes about five days .(对画线部分提问)
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外研版八年级英语上册 Module 4 Planes 讲义和练*(无答案)
_______ _______ does the journey take ? 2.Travelling by bus is the safest way .(改为同义句) _______ _______ _______ is travelling by bus . 3.Lin is taller than the other boys in his class .(改为同义句) Lin is _______ _______ boy in his class . 4.You can go by car and by ship across the North Sea .(对画线部分提问) _______ _______ I go across the North Sea ? 5.I usually take a boat to the island .(改为同义句) I usually go to the island ______ _________.





价格 旅行时间

800 元 2 小时

260 元 21 小时

优点 缺点

时间段、舒适、便于休息 昂贵

便宜、可以观光、可以自由 地走动 时间长、拥挤、不利于休息

要求:80 字左右,要点提示必须写上,其他可适当发挥。

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