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高考英语牛津译林版选修6总复习基础经典习题《Unit 2 What is happiness to you?》6-2(江苏专用)

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Ⅰ.用所给词的适当形式填空 1.(1)We are all concerned about her safety because she hasn't come back from her journey yet. (2)There is some cause for concern but no need for alarm.(concern) 2.(1)After two hours' frustrating delay,our train at last arrived. (2)I'm feeling rather frustrated in my present job;I need a change. (3)Life is full of frustrations;_we should try to be optimistic.(frustrate) 3.(1)The little girl was frightened by the big dog. (2)He was shaking with fright;I thought he must have seen a ghost. (3)The bird came to the window,but I moved suddenly and frightened it away. (4)He was woken up by a frightening dream.(frighten) 4.(1)John seems content to sit in front of the television all night. (2)As he had to drive home after the party,he contented himself with two glasses of beer.After the cat was fed,it purred in obvious contentment.(content) 5.(1)We were fearful that she would be angry. (2)Experts fear that there will be a new outbreak of the disease.(fear) 6.(1)The garden was beautiful once,but has been sadly damaged. (2)Sad to say,the weather here has been nothing but rain all week.(sad) Ⅱ.同义转换 1.His mother was a great teacher and she contributed all her life to the cause of education. →His mother was a great teacher and she devoted all her life to the cause of education. 2.After I failed my English exam,my best friend took me to the ballet to make me cheerful. →After I failed my English exam,my best friend took me to the ballet to cheer me up. 3.She is crying sadly;it's certain that she has heard of the bad news. →She is crying sadly;she must_have_heard_of the bad news. 4.There is no need to give me the money;I don't expect it of you. →I don't expect_you_to_give me the money.
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5.He had been preparing for the exam for a long time but failed,which disappointed him very much. →To_his_disappointment,he failed the exam though he had been preparing for it for a long time. 6.He saved the children from the fire at the cost of his own life. →Saving the children from the fire cost_him_his_own_life. Ⅲ.完成译文 1.有人曾向我提供大笔款项让我搬迁,但我决心留在这里。 I have_been_offered a large sum of money to go away,but I am determined to stay here. 2.迈克肯定忘了告诉李平会议延期的事。 Mike must_have_forgotten to tell Li Ping that the meeting has been put off. 3.明天这个时候,我们将再讨论怎样提高我们的英语水平。 This time tomorrow,we will_be_discussing how to improve our English. 4.好身体是幸福的重要组成部分,因此我们必须照顾好自己。 Good health is an_important_part_of happiness , so we must take_good_care_of ourselves. 5.先进技术将简化我们的生活。这就是为什么我们将能专注于幸福的原因。 Advanced technology will simplify_our_lives.This_is_why we shall be able to focus on being happy. Ⅳ.单项填空 1.To turn your dream into reality,you should first ________ the hard life here which you hasn't got used to so far. A.come to C.refer to B.adopt to D.adapt to

答案 D [adapt to 适应。句意:为了把你的梦想变成现实,你应该首先适应到目 前为止你还不习惯的这里的艰苦生活。] 2.When we saw from the plane,________ newlooking earth appeared before us, ________ earth that we had never seen before. A.the;the C.an;the B.a;an D.the;an

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到过的地球”。] 3.Looking at her ________ look,we were ________. A.astonished;confused C.astonishing;confused B.astonishing;confusing D.astonished;confusing

答案 A [句意:看见她惊讶的表情,我们感到迷惑不解。] 4.—What do you think of the color of my new blouse? —Very good.You look nice in green.Green ________ you. A.suits C.matches B.fits D.meets

答案 A [match 匹配,配得上;suit 适合,多指衣服的颜色、款式等方面适合某 人;fit 多指衣服(鞋)在大小,尺寸等方面适合某人。故选 A。] 5.I arrived late;I ______ the road to be so icy. A.wouldn't expect C.hadn't expected 答案 C B.haven't expected D.wasn't expecting

[expect 所表示的动作在 arrived 所表示的动作之前发生,故第二分句用

过去完成时。] 6.—John and I will celebrate our fortieth wedding anniversary next month. —Oh,________! A.cheer up C.go ahead B.well done D.congratulations

答案 D [cheer up 振作起来,表示鼓励;well done 干得好;go ahead 干吧(做吧, 用吧);congratulations 祝贺。根据上句“我和约翰将在下月庆祝结婚四十周年纪 念”可知,答语应是表示祝贺。] 7.I ________ with my uncle and aunt because my parents have gone abroad for a holiday. A.stayed C.have stayed B.am staying D.was staying

答案 B [本题中用现在进行时表示现阶段正在进行的一种暂时的动作。] 8.Actually,girls can be ________ they want to be just like boys,whether it is a pilot,
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▁▂▃▄▅▆▇█▉▊▋▌精诚凝聚 =^_^= 成就梦想 ▁▂▃▄▅▆▇█▉▊▋▌

an astronaut,or a general manager. A.wherever C.whatever 答案 C B.however D.whoever

[whatever 充当 they want to be 表语,表示职业。]

9.—Can I help you,Madam? —No,thanks.I ________. A.have just looked around C.just looked around B.just look around D.am just looking around

答案 D [此处用 I am just looking around 表示“我只是正在随便看看”,just 可 以和现在进行时连用,表示“只是……”。] 10.—Did you tell Julia about the result? —Oh,no,I forget.I ________ her now. A.will be calling C.call B.will call D.am to call

答案 B [本题中 will call her 表示临时的决定或决心。“be to+动词原形”表示 事先的打算或按计划要做的事情。] 11.Everything has been ready.It only ________ for the leaders of the two countries to sign the agreement. A.seems C.remains 答案 C B.appears D.happens

[本题中 it 为形式主语, 真正主语是 to sign the agreement, remain 是不及

物动词,意为“剩下”。] 12.—It was careless of you to have left the house without turning off the gases. —My God! ________. A.So were you C.So did I 答案 D [So I did 表示“的确如此”。] 13.—I'm busy right now.Could you come back ______ time? —OK.See you later. A.another B.other C.any D.some B.So was I D.So I did

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答案 A [考查限定词。another time 下次,符合语意。] 14.It is said that dogs will keep you ________ for as long as you want when you are feeling lonely. A.safety C.house 答案 B [keep sb company 陪伴某人。] 15.—I am wondering if we could go skiing on the weekend. —________ good. A.Sound C.Sounding B.Sounded D.Sounds B.company D.friend

答案 D [Sounds good.是 It sounds good.的省略。]

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